Working environment – the element that appeals human resources

The main factor which decides the success of a company is labor resource, which is also right in Janus.

First of all, to attract potential employees, Janus creates a good working environment with Western style in which the company appreciates the productivity of each individuals, not their working time at all. Then, Janus bases on the result to promote or put up salary.


Janus always ensures good conditions for their employees like working facilities, equipment, and office supplies, depend on each departments.

Besides, Janus itself finds out and discovers the strong points of each employee, as well as helps them to be more confident and mature in their life. We also has some training courses to help its staff broaden knowledge in their own field. Janus appreciates those who have the inquisitive spirit and self – improvement.

The perfect working environment can be seen via the good rapport between employers and their employees. The employers are those who always take care for their staff, have a good vision, passion and thoughtful mind to run the company well. Moreover, managers in Janus are always in good mood and willing to listen to others. In addition, the way they judge each individual in the company is completely fair and unprejudiced to help the workers feel comfortable and encourage them at all.

The company is always united together, which is the main factor that makes Janus’s atmosphere comfortable and attractive to potential employees. This is also the reason why many workers desire to stay with Janus for a long time.

Being behaved toward each other also plays an important role in the way making Janus’s working environment more professional.

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