The orginal is from a Genie
Janus is an ancient Genie in Catholicism and the Roman rite. There are discribled with two faces. They are known as the sympol of the transation of beginning and ending… And the Roman is very proud of this Genie on the transportation, trading…
The first periods of the year, Janus appears on almost of the holidays, prays and the special celebeations.
The very important cultural role
Janus is not only a sybol of this place but also he is the inspiration of literature writers and cultural researchers.
Nowadays, “the various important roles” of Janus is showed very clearly by many types of arts.
In Janus compay, the working culture is pay attention strongly. It’s a symbol of active and solidary corperation. It’s is the basic of everything. Leading to the common prime and becoming the business environment all over the world.
The great solution of future
Because of the prompt globalizing of the world, “the cake – occasion” is devided to everyone. The big chance for investigation makes the great motivation for business. It requires Janus company have to improve to keep the first position of future solution continuously.

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