The culture of staying and leaving

Nowadays, the company’s recruitment demand is not easy to find out the high quality and good employees in many fields. Although they have a lot of experience on this field they still get lots of difficult to recruit.

To find out the suitable candidate who can stay and work for company is a lucky at this moment. Sometimes, they can find the suitable one after interviewing hundreds of people. Even, there are some people who passed the interview but they don’t want to go to work. However, the main discussion here is the attitude of employee before resign.

The staying culture

All the companies need the good employees who are not only good at personal work but also good at managing. Thus, they always welcome the new comers warmly and make the comfortable environment for them to get along with company. However, the new comers still quick after a short time without any explain and reason. If they have reason, it is very simple: “their capacity does not meet the requirement of company”.


The office culture is as important as the gravity of the earth. It always keeps the earth in the balance status. It’s the same way of the employee’s staying or leaving because of office culture. There are some people leave but some are not and they still work very hard to go with the development of the company without any requirement. The most important reason is the working culture. If the company have the good benefit and the confortable environment they can keep all the good employees to stay and work for them and the vice versa.

Therefore, building the working culture is the main reason to make the company more strongly and more developed. They also can achieve all the goals they have set.

The leaving culture

When starting recruitment, most of company have checked the candidate’s information very detail and clearly to choose. However, they still leave very fast and quietly showing that they are not professional on working.

After working for a short time, the new comers want to resign without the enterprise’s expectation. Even though, they don’t know what they are doing wrong to lead to the bad reason like that.

To avoid the problem, the new comers should come to discuss with the represent of that company to solve the reason and hand over everything carefully before leaving. That shows yourself is very professional because you need to learn how to adapt to the new environment. Besides, you can learn how to start in the different working place. Moreover, the working culture is built more strongly and professionally.

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