Janus: Professional working style from smallest section

In addition to a professional working environment, Janus also directs to a professional working style from each employee to collective employee.

In Janus, working hours is always being abided by, it’s a manifestation of a serious attitude and respect of each employee. In addition, Janus staff are always cheerful, sociable, polite even when differing in opinion from each other.


Lowering volume when others are speaking on the phone or sending emails to issues are not really urgent…is working style of Janus staff.

Professional working style of Janus also manifests in serious working attitude, sense of responsibility, even when bad situations happen.

Janus is always flexibility in working hours manifested in going to work early and returning late in urgent tasks, each employee arranges their working hours to meet the assigned work schedule.

In addition, Janus employees always help colleagues as possible, and not afraid to embark on new projects.

Amiable behavior with superiors also contributes to a strong Janus

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