Janus creates the brand in knightliness

Brand is considered as Janus’ treasure, which defines the company’s success or failure. To Janus, creating its brand is vision and important and long – term strategy.


The name “Janus” is inspired by a deity’s name in ancient Roman religion and myth – Janus. He is a deity of the starting and transformation with two faces like the past and the future. Besides, Janus also relates to trading and transporting.

The logo of Janus is unique with gray and orange accompany together, which emblematizes for deity Janus with two different, but unseparated faces. The logo also means the strength, combination, development and consensus of Janus Company at present as well as in the future.

Janus’s slogan is making efforts constantly to become a strong and famous brand, provide the best products and services for customers. Customers is always right. In the future, Janus aims to international market with Vietnamese high quality products.

Moreover, Janus expects co – operation, knightliness, and fair play with its competitors.

To make Janus in public, the company always do its best to connect with customers via social networks like Facebook, Zalo, or others marketing activities in order to make a great impression on its customers.

Besides the visual achievements, Janus also leaves invisible feelings in very single customers’ heart because the company always meets its customers’ needs, and makes them feel comfortable whenever using the products.

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