Cultural differences between countries and regions are an invisible everlasting barrier separating the consensus and unity. This was the crucial factor and leading reason made the failure and disintegration of Empire as Romans, Yugoslavia, Mongolia or the Ottomans.


This also holds true for business environment, the difficulties encountered when companies and multinational corporations investing in emerging markets are often impacted by the cultural nature. During business operations in free market, the makers need to pay attention to the culture of each country and adjust accordingly. The integration plays a key role in the interaction and mutual understanding of all stakeholders.

Janus is a link

The diversity in many fields of international business is a special feature of Janus Company. Therefore, the fact is complying with the law and having thorough knowledge of new playground’s rules will set business up on a sound basis for the future success. This resembles the principle that we have developed and pursued.

In current “flat world” with rapid-growing scientific and technological development, nothing is timeless. New launching-product can be replaced at instantly. If company expects holding position of the market leader, the sustainable value of the cultural foundation is required. That’s why the enterprise culture development is an imperative need at present.

Achievements from Culture

Many businesses are now more focus on building culture of company. Thank to this awareness, company would achieve their human values to meet the work demand. This right orientation assists in expanding cooperation and investment easier and more convenient.

Janus Company acknowledges those core elements will help in speeding up the business development. So it’s no surprise that building success corporate culture brings remarkable achievements.

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