Culture – the intangible property

The strength of company depends on many things and culture is very important and meaningful in the development of company. Culture is the one helps the enterprise find out the good employees to meet the developing requirement in the future.

The intangible property

To evaluate about the value of culture, some enterprises consider that culture is the intangible property.


The business culture is not only to have meaning about the communication and treatment among the employees, the enterprises and their business partners even the charity operation but also it has more meaning than that. It is showed clearly insider, the business culture contains some common business definition, the trading campaign which are suitable with a lot of different investment. Thus, it makes the huge profit for the enterprises.

There are a lot of enterprise intend to build the professional, creative and active working environment and the talented staff. The communication and interaction with customer is the key to win the competitors and get the great contract and orders.

The common principle

The common principle is the business standard in the current circumstance. The long co-operation needs to have the clear competition. Both sides have to follow the law and to understand each other about the working culture.

In Janus Company, the working culture is built based on the culture standard of the world. And the difference is the most important part to make the value of success.

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