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Our Spirit

In ancient Roman religion and myth, Janus, who had a great power in primeval. Since then, Janus Company mused on the development to be successful and innovative transformation. With steadfast trust and divine promises, this will bring pleasant surprises.

To obtain the necessary strides, Janus Co. has to own great motivation. Inspiration is a factor to promote. It always contains and makes extraordinarily.

Janus Company towards its leading position with a strong faith. Put the responsibility on the shoulders and perseverance, efforts to the end. All beginnings are not only very difficult, but The Janus Co. also understands better than anyone else. Achievements will always be sweet aftertaste that every employee is inherited.

Janus Co. wishes a large and transparency market. Possesses the advantages of different types of quality products, reliable service … will help Janus Co. to built his successfully strategy.

Corporate culture
Asserting itself with the competitors is never easy. Awaring of this, Janus aims are to build “soft power”, to meet customer needs based on comprehensive profound cultural background.
The process of growth and rapid development that Janus achieved, which had obvious cultural nature, true portrayed of the trust customers for over 10 years.
The value of Janus is inherited, thanks to its consistency. As such they will never trust that gradually disappears, but thicker accretion. Creativity so comprehensive unfold, surprising and create greater success.
Let Janus inherited the values of sustainable construction.


Our Vision

Operating more than 10 years in many areas of manufacturing and trading of goods and services, Janus Co. was on track. Janus gradually become a strong brand, offering products – quality service to our customers and greater market share in the future. It achieved the most important core, maintained its position and release the leading pioneers of the business.

Strategic vision

  • Achieving sustainable value and long-term development;
  • Suppling of high quality goods and services;
  • Fully meeting the market demand as well as extensive full exploitation of the potential customers.

Haven’t just stopped at these achievements, Janus is directed toward professional trading system, various types. It confirmed as one of the major brands, reputation, leading reliability and closely linked with the interests and different needs of customers.

  • Towards a healthy and effective business environment;
  • Suiting with the culture in each country.

In each of its business areas, Janus towards the construction and development of major brands. Reaching out to the world market globalization trend strongly.



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